Graham Gaunt Photowork : project Aimless Wandering

  Sicily 1994 C type   Jerez Spain 2001 C type   Taghazout Morocco 2001 C type   San Lucar de Barrameda Spain 2001 C type  
Sacremento Street Cadiz Spain 2001 C type
  Journeys that begin with hope. A Labyrinth in which one can wander indefinitely without ever reaching an end.

The photographic work that Graham Gaunt produces is diverse in content and style. His work centers' on unpopulated spaces, streets and buildings. The photographs achieve a sense of calm through a combination of compositional stasis, warm coloration and uncluttered environment. This quietness gives way to a sense of unease as the viewer explores the series of images. This experience parallels that of documenting a slow and uncertain journey taken by the artist. This recent body of work which Graham considers a kind of travel photography, hence the “ aimless” and “arbitrary” nature of passing through. Spain, Sicily and Morocco are the location for these photographs. Featured in this show is the fishing village of Taghazout in Morocco, and the coastal town of San Lucar de Barrameda on the south east coast of Spain.

Dr Chris Short lecturer of art history Howard Gardens Cardiff.